Északipart Magazine has been released

Surely you remember the movie ”Romancing the Stone”, when the gate of a ruined manor house in the barrens opens up, and one can find out, that the inside differs so much from the outside, that the shaded atrium, gurgling fountains, peaceful garden and statues are seemingly impossible to fit in. First time everyone is amazed, then soon they get used to it. They don't even want to understand, just being happy about it, that they have found an oasis unexpectedly. It's just there as it is, with everything a little different, till one won't go outside to the plains again. This is quite the same with the Északipart. It's irrational, that taking a turn to road 71 we end up in an other dimension through a timegate. In that other dimension, time goes differently, noise doesn't harm, the sun shines unusually. We will be also different.
All of this only in a couple hundred kilometres, with a lake, some bigger settlements and some
smaller ones. If we try to draw all of these on a map, obviously it won't work.”
These are the words introducing the second issue of Északipart Magazine. We really liked the first issue too, so we are glad for being part of the second.

We recommend our joint interview with Gyula Pálffy.

Hamarosan érkezik az Északipart Borászai magazin is.

A magazin megtalálható minden balatoni újságosnál és benzinkúton, Budapesten a bevásárlóközpontokban és kiemelt újságosoknál,  Lipóciában pedig a Sarki Fűszeresben és a Láng Tékában.