• ”Káli” wines with protected designation of origin (PDO)

    Thanks to the 103/2009. (VIII. 5.) statute of the Ministry of Rural Development, some of the wines of Káli basin are PDO since 2009, which have strict requirements. There are three types of PDO wines in the Káli basin: Káli”, Káli Királyi”, Káli Királyi Főbor”.

  • Pohárszék Wine Store and Taster:

  • Surely you remember the movie ”Romancing the Stone”, when the gate of a ruined manor house in the barrens opens up, and one can find out, that the inside differs so much from the outside, that the shaded atrium, gurgling fountains, peaceful garden and statues are seemingly impossible to fit i

  • We recommend the Északipart's Enologists Magazine to everyone. Not just because you can read about us in it, but because it is also the most recent publication, which gives an overall view on the winegrowers of the northern coast of Balaton.